Greene Street Mission Center

In March 2014, GAP Ministries purchased the former Greene Street Presbyterian Church. We have renamed the building the Greene Street Mission Center, and hope to fill the facility with activities which are faithful to the commands of Jesus to serve the needs of the poor and to create a community of shared love and blessings. This will include both an expansion of the GAP mission as well as opening the space for use by other groups or agencies with a similar purpose.

In order to do this, we have three tracks:

  1. Renovate and upgrade the building
  2. Listen for needs in the community which are not being met
  3. Communicate with other area agencies about their space needs


In the first year of renovation (April 2014-April 2015) we are scheduled to remodel and repair the downstairs portion of the service area (old Education/Fellowship building). During this time we will be discerning what new ministries GAP is called to do and what other current ministries might find a home in the Greene Street Mission Center. In 2015, we will start on the upstairs of the service area. One of our greatest challenges is to make the upstairs handicapped accessible and to provide toilet facilities to the area. We would also like to start rehabilitating the exterior of the building and the bell tower. Progress on this portion of the renovation will depend on the speed with which we find new partners in ministry. Over the next five years, we would like to find supporters for renovating the sanctuary as a venue for church services, weddings and concerts.