APRIL 2018

GAP Adds New Ministry Partners

                                                         Welcome to Serenity Behavioral Health

Giving people access to a variety of services in one place can be a boon for people struggling with poverty and homelessness. One of the hidden expenses of poverty is the cost of transportation needed to get from one agency to the other, both in money and time. Serenity Behavioral Health is charged not only with providing mental health services to low income persons, but also administers the P.A.T.H. program. P.A.T.H. (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness)  is designed to help the homeless and those with housing insecurity find safe, clean places to live. But Serenity is located on the edge of Augusta, past the Bobby Jones Expressway. So, GAP has welcomed representatives of Serenity/Path to set up and serve clients during our Thursday morning ministries.

.                                                                                      ..And to WellCare

Wellcare is a provider of government-sponsored health care programs to eligible clients. A Wellcare representative comes to GAP to provide counseling and sign-up assistance to folks who are having problems navigating the complexities of the health care system.

                                                                                   ...And to CSRA Safety Net

CSRA Safety Net is a program of Augusta University dedicated to early detection and care of persons infected with HIV. Once a month they park their van in GAP's lot to provide free HIV testing.

The clients at GAP have many talents and gifts to share. One place this is obvious is our Bible Study. Everyone sits up and listens when Roxanne Allen recites one of the inspirational poems she writes. She picked this one to print in the newsletter.

                                                                                              It’ll be Alright

                                                        By Roxanne M Allen

                                             It’ll be alright, when you see your sunshine turn into rain.
                                                                   When your dreams are out of sight, and all you can feel is that misery and pain
                                                                  Trust me, hard times will come to an end, but you’ve forgot where you’ve stopped to know where to begin,
                                                                  But if you try with all your might, one day all things will be alright.
                                                                 So if you’ve traveled that long weary road, and everyone seems so heartless and cold,
                                                                Well this is every man’s story told, but you’ll end up strong and, and as pure as gold.

                                                                   So if it seems no matter what you do, that those hard times and pains will never be through,
                                                                  Just think of The One who came before you, cause through persecution and pain, He made it too.

                                                                HELP WANTED!

There are a lot of tasks that make GAP run smoothly and many of them are behind the scenes:  shopping, sorting, paperwork, picking up supplies.
You can make a difference, even if you can't be at GAP on Thursday mornings.

Call Jodi at 706-722-4404 or email gapmin@bellsouthto find out more.


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