Who We Are

GAP Ministries was founded in 1979 as a mission outreach of local Presbyterian and Disciples of Christ churches. Over the years the ministries provided by GAP have evolved as the needs of the community have changed, and we have continued to find ways to "fill the gap" between needs and services. Our base of support has also broadened, so that now we have thirteen churches and organizations from several denominations providing funding and/or volunteers. In 2014, we were able to purchase the building which has housed us and to create the new Greene Street Mission Center. Currently our focus is on renovating the building and to discerning how best to expand the services offered at GAP.

GAP is incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit. The governing board is generally drawn from members of the supported churches, with the Chair of the Board serving as volunteer administrator and various Board members as chairs of working committees. There is one paid staff, a part-time secretary. Plans are in development to hire an administrator for GAP.

How We Are Supported

GAP's annual budget is about $100,000. This money comes from Northeast Georgia Presbytery Mission Fund, supporting churches, individual donations and grants. We have received grants in the past few years from the Community Foundation of the CSRA, Good Shepherd Episcopal Community and World Ministries Commission, Empty Stocking Fund, and Potash Corporation. The purchase of the Greene Street building was made from individual donations. There is a separate fund, from church and individual donations, of about $40,000 for renovations. $31,000 of this is designated for roof repairs scheduled to be done in September 2014. In 2013, we received donations of food and other products valued at $36,472. The volunteer hours recorded were 4,326, only a portion of the actual hours spent.

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