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Repairing Bodies

Repairing Lives


Feeding the Hungry

Feeding the Soul

Medication and Healthcare Assistance

People living near or below the poverty line often need help with their health care.  Lack of money causes many to put off care or stop taking necessary medications in order to pay other bills or buy food.  GAP has trained nurse volunteers who assist an average of 20 people each week with health issues.  Pharmacy cards are given to obtain non-narcotic prescription medications.  Clients are referred to local clinics for medical needs beyond simple first aid.  Reading glasses and individual packets of over-the-counter pain medications are supplied as needed.
Birth Certificates: To receive a photo ID you must provide a birth certificate. Many of our clients are without the funds or means to obtain their birth certificate.  GAP assists clients in completing and mailing the application to the state where they were born. All fees are paid by GAP. The birth certificate is mailed to our client’s residence or to GAP if the client is homeless.  GAP helps to obtain an average of 15 birth certificates each month.
Photo ID: Persons without a photo ID cannot apply for work, enroll in school, or qualify for certain social services. GAP volunteers transport clients to the Department of Drivers Services each Thursday. The $20 fee is paid by GAP.  An average of 12 clients per month are assisted in obtaining their photo ID.
Transitional Housing
GAP Ministries co-owns a transitional house with Interfaith Hospitality Network.  Many volunteer hours have been put into making it a place for two families to transition into independent living. GAP volunteers provide routine maintenance both inside and outside of the home.       
Food Pantry: GAP volunteers assist an average of 85 clients each week as they shop for canned goods, fresh bread and hygiene articles each Thursday from 11:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.  GAP volunteers donate food, transport groceries, stock the shelves and serve clients. We offer food that can be prepared at home as well as portable pop-top cans for our transient population with nowhere to cook.
Soup Kitchen: Every 5th Tuesday of the year, GAP supporters, volunteers, and participating churches assemble teams at the Master’s Table to prepare and serve an average of 300 nourishing meals to the hungry and homeless in downtown Augusta .  Volunteers begin preparing at 8:30 a.m. and serve from 11:00am until 12:30pm.    
Praise and Worship-
Sharing the Gospel/Teaching the Youth
Sunday Service: 6pm Praise and worship followed by Sunday Supper at 7.  Every Sunday we gather to praise God with music and voice.  Afterward, a hot meal is served by volunteers from local churches and GAP.  EVERYONE is welcomed!
Bible Study: 10am to 11am each Thursday morning, volunteer pastors lead a Bible study for our clients. 25-30 people attend this service each week. 
GAP Camp/Summer Day Camp: GAP volunteers hold a weeklong day camp each summer for opportunity-deprived children in our community.  High school youth from GAP sponsoring churches serve as counselors, developing rapport and showing concern for rising kindergarten through fifth grade children while adults teach classes in Bible, science, arts & crafts and other topics.  Campers also work together in a service project that adults guide to teach the value of giving back to our communities.
DJJ (Department of Juvenile Justice) Snacks: GAP Ministries provides snacks, drinks and sweets for young people enrolled in several DJJ programs.  These students are participating in these programs as an alternative to incarceration or because school officials have identified them as needing guidance.  Most of the programs are held after school, so this may be the only evening meal for some of the kids. GAP volunteers provide snacks for 60 youth once a month.